Ask a Cop: Can I be CSI if I’ve been busted for forgery?


Q: I’ve wanted to work Crime Scene Investigation since I was a little girl but I got into criminal trouble for forgery more than a decade ago. I’ve since changed my life for the better and want to know if I could still get into CSI? — Krystal

A: “Krystal, if you do have a conviction for forged checks you need to find out if it’s a misdemeanor or a felony or was it when you were a juvenile? If it’s just a property crime you can go back to court and get them vacated, get the crime vacated to show that you’ve done good the past 10-12 years and get that taken off your record before you apply for a police job or corrections job, you’re going to need to have that done because with a felony record you’re not going to get hired. As far as CSI’s go they do work for the police departments and they do work with sheriff’s departments and they go through the same type of background, so you’re going to have to do some work on that criminal record.” — Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer


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