Armed Shoe Robber: Store’s already called ‘Payless’ — but he wanted footwear for free

payless mainWANTED IN SEATTLE —
Seattle police need to know this guy’s name — an armed shoe-switching robber who left his old footwear behind — at the scene of the crime.

Detectives say the guy wearing a purple and gold baseball cap came into the store on 3rd avenue and picked out a couple of pairs of Champion brand shoes, size 9’s.

He actually put on the grey pair with bright neon trim and approached the register where the clerk rang up his purchase. “He`s kind of fumbling around for his wallet  but in fact, he`s reaching down into his pocket and pulls out a small semi-automatic weapon,” says Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. “He`s holding it in his right arm and he points it at her and says I want all of the cash out of the till and I want all of the money out of the vault.”

When the clerk told him she couldn’t open the vault, he took the money and stuck it up his left coat sleeve of his black jacket with thin white stripes.

He left wearing his new shoes — and left behind the old ones.

Detectives say he had a dark complexion, was unshaven and had yellow, rotted teeth.

If you know who this armed shoe-switching robber is, call an anonymous tip into:


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