Captured: Joseph Kalac, an armed and dangerous drug dealer


UPDATE — The Snohomish County Violent Offender Task acted on a tip to Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound and arrested Joseph Kalac July 18 at a motel in Pierce County.  Deputies say he refused to open the door so they breached it and took him into custody.

ORIGINAL STORY JULY 12 — Joseph Kalac was reported to be loaded down with drugs when he led deputies on a chase through Granite Falls in April.

There was also a woman in the car with him when he crashed after giving chase, but he took off running leaving her there to fend for herself. Kalac didn’t get far before a K-9 unit tracked him down.

But then Kalac didn’t show up to serve his sentence in federal prison, so now the Snohomish County Task force is on the lookout for this wanted man.

Along with the drugs, Kalac’s past convictions include been burglary, forgery, eluding police and illegally having a gun.

Joseph Kalac is 47-years-old, is 5-feet, 8-inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. Police think he could be hiding in Snohomish County.

If you can help the Task Force track down this missing armed and dangerous drug dealer — so he can start his prison time — call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

You can also text a tip here.


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