Bradley Prather: Cops statewide are looking for this mixed martial arts fighter

pratherWANTED IN WASHINGTON STATE — Bradley Prather is a violent offender who travels between Western Washington, Oregon and Eastern Washington.

Oregon State Police caught Prather on March 1 bringing oxycodone and marijuana from California back to Washington state. He hasn’t been charged in the case, but he is well known to law enforcement and has a Department of Corrections escape warrant. He was nearly caught by Connell police in Franklin County in October 2012, but has eluded police since then.

“The last time police almost caught this guy, he was walking around a motel public parking lot with a rifle in his hand. He’s not supposed to have a rifle because he’s a convicted felon. When officers arrived to the scene, he ran and he has yet to be caught,” Christina Lacy with the DOC said.

Police said Prather moves around frequently — he also has listed addresses in Yakima, Pasco and Mesa.

He’s known for always running from the cops and he’s a fighter.

If you know where police can find Bradley Prather, call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS. You will be paid a cash reward if your information leads to his arrest.

You can also text a tip here.


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